Welcome to the Momathon Life.

Are you destined to be a wise woman who builds?

Are you a self-proclaimed Superwoman who is feeling overwhelmed, like you don't have enough hours in the day?

Are your schedule and priorities running your 24 hours instead of the other way around?

Are you struggling to be a DIVA wife and enjoy your season of motherhood while still cultivating your goals? 

Built on the Proverbs 14:1 platform, Running A Momathon seeks to teach women how to be a "Wise woman who builds her house" and not the foolish one whose own hands dismantle her efforts.

RAM Founder Christina Garrett has a heart for each woman who wakes to WIN, but is often sidetracked with life's responsibilities. The struggle for daily success is real but intentional growth in womanhood is not only mandatory but its liberating! 


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A sassy, effervescent Pastor's wife and work-at-home homeschooling mother of five, Christina is a consultant, speaker, conference hostess and epic visionary who believes that each woman can rock the season she's in with grace and tenacity! 


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Every woman needs a tribe!

True change happens when women connect with one another, encouraging each other to map out their visions and implement discipline and self-care into daily life!  

Running a Momathon is a global platform committed to the refreshing the entire entity of the woman, wife and mother. This movement has infused women worldwide to excitedly link up with the infectious Momathon mission to thrive in their "Marriage, Motherhood & Motivation!"

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Transform your marriage.

Bring life and joy back to your motherhood.

Learn how to infuse life back into your home vision!

Transform your frustration into fruition!


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