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Speaking Topics 

frustration to fruition: The momathon priority management principles

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and like there aren't enough hours in a day? Join CG as she teaches Priority Management according to what's most important and what ultimately contributes to your family. By manipulating your time and balancing that schedule, Momathon women graduate from FRUSTRATION TO FRUITION!! 

 The Other Proverbs Woman

Don't be deceived: God has high standards for His ladies... and it's up to us to adjust our crowns and step up to the plate! While evicting the comfort zone and remembering that we are not a victim of circumstance, this talk emphasizes accepting the challenge to be a wise woman who BUILDS! 


The Trifecta: Food, Sex, Sleep

Looking to grow your relationship with your husband in practical, loving ways? Trying to figure out how to communicate with him in the language that he understands? "Food, Sex, Sleep" is the man-tested and approved talk on how to make moves with your mate that truly work in a way that he can receive so he can respond!

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