A    Destination Worth Pursuing....

Welcome to the Diva Dreambuilders!

Imagine that you go to sleep each night, feeling FRUITFUL instead of FRUSTRATED! Think of starting tomorrow with your mind focused, clear and goal oriented!

Visualize having a step-by-step plan that was in the works and you just had to wake, pray and slay those goals?

Well....guess what!


The Diva Dreambuilders membership site is a one-stop shop for each busy Diva who desires to change her life through priority management, home enrichment, improving her communication, business building, and igniting wisdom and Biblical principle! 

How do you know if this platform right for YOU?

  • Are you struggling with your priority management and tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, like you are last on the list? 

  • Are you building your goals brick-by-brick and want to set a plan into place but feeling you have reached a plateau and aren't making moves?

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated, like there aren't enough hours in the day and you need a body double?

  • Are you trying to find time for God, family, self and stay balanced?

  • Are your self-care practices lacking and you need to set better boundaries, learn to say NO and remove toxic people?

  • Do you struggle to FINISH what you start?

  • Do you need to fine tune your vision and get your life UNSTUCK?

Join the Global Movement.

We welcome you to dive in and glean all you can to make the most of your moment!

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Join Running a Momathon Founder, Christina, wife, homeschooling mother of 5 and entrepreneur as she divulges

the survive and thrive tools of building the FRUITION LIFE!

For only $5 a month, you will have private access to exclusive webinars on being a wise woman who builds the life she craves, Bible studies for the busy woman, private content and global empowerment connections formatted especially for our exclusive ladies who are battling with hectic schedules!

You also get the benefit of PERSONAL MONTHLY HOT SEAT COACHING in our Facebook group. Yes! Christina is on-call for you to answer YOUR specific questions! 

This is perfect for the busy woman who needs accountability techniques and propelling techniques for goal reaching to get UN-stuck, make time, create boundaries and GLOW while you GROW!

As we progress through the monthly lesson modules, the Diva Dreambuilders site will be a one-stop shop for each busy Diva who is determined to see transformational changes in how she lives each day and the achievements she conquers.

Are you ready?

It's TIME to create the life you crave...


You are destined to be

dazzling, inspirational

virtuous & ambitious.

you are destined for the DIVA life.